Hope Estheim is a 14-year-old boy living in the haven of Cocoon under the protective care of his mother, Nora. His father, who slaves away at work to provide the family a comfortable life, is estranged from him due to frequent absences. When Hope and Nora go on vacation to Bodhum, the emergence of a l'Cie causes them to be quarantined alongside the natives in the Purge. They're then sent on a deportation train destined to Pulse – known as "hell on earth" – where the truth unfurls that no one is meant to survive the trip.

Revenge - Is Hope's anger justified?
Youth - The struggle with immaturity and his father.
Body language - His growth from timidity to adovacy.
Mind - The subtle cues that suggest Hope's bright potential.
Eidolon - Alexander's symbolism as a fortress.
Tone - Cultural differences that impact Hope's characterization.

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Pattern: Subtle Patterns

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